Florida Library Association Awards

The Florida Library Association honors outstanding libraries, individuals, businesses, and library supporters during its annual conference. Nominations may be submitted by any member of the Florida Library Association. Only the nominators must be members of FLA (unless otherwise noted in the award description).

Nominations are due by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2024, at 11:59 pm.


Award Nomination Requirements

Each award has a rubric providing information to nominees on exactly what the committee is looking for when deciding on a winner. An essay section is required for all awards, and there are supplemental questions for specific awards.

Essay Question 1
Describe why you believe the nominee should receive this award (limited to 6,000 characters -- which is approximately 1,000 words).

Essay Question 2
Please provide a maximum 800-character summary (about 100 words) of the reasons this individual, organization, or team is worthy of receiving this award.

Supporting Documents
Nominees are also encouraged to provide supporting documentation with their award nominations: documentation can include letters of support, newspaper articles, flyers, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to our awards program or just want to brush up on the basics, our Awards & Honors Committee has compiled a list of FAQs to help you through the nomination process.

FLA Awards FAQs

Looking for the Friends, Foundations and Boards Awards? They're right here! They're also now included in the same application as all other awards. 

Award Categories

Overall Achievement

Award Rubrics Award Description
Administrator of the Year To recognize a Florida library administrator who has made significant contributions through distinguished service to their library, the Florida Library Association, or librarianship. This award is intended for people employed in leadership positions such as branch managers, assistant/deputy/associate directors, library administrators, and directors.
Librarian of the Year To recognize outstanding and ongoing contributions to Florida librarianship. This award is intended for people employed in non-leadership positions.
Library of the Year To recognize a Florida library that has demonstrated outstanding service to its community through leadership, creativity, innovation, and/or an expansion of services.
Lifetime Achievement  To recognize a librarian with a long-standing, distinguished record of professional achievements and accomplishments.
Outstanding New Librarian 

To recognize a Florida librarian who:

● Is new to the profession

● Has made significant contributions to their library and librarianship

● Demonstrates potential for professional development

Outstanding Paraprofessional

To recognize a library paraprofessional or support staff member who has made a significant contribution to libraries in Florida.


Embodiment of Values and Ideals

Award Rubrics Award Description
Intellectual Freedom To recognize an individual or organization that has made a significant contribution to increasing the right of access to the intellectual content of both print and non-print media.
Library Innovation To recognize and celebrate the achievements of a Florida library that has developed or implemented an innovative and creative program, service, or project that benefits their community.
Maria Chavez-Hernandez "Libraries Change People's Lives"

To recognize an employee of a library, library organization, or library association who created outstanding programs and services that provide resources and programming specific to any underserved, marginalized and/or immigrant populations and honor the memory of Dr. Chavez-Hernandez and to perpetuate the dynamic spirit of her work.

Nicaraguan native Dr. Chavez-Hernandez received her Ph.D. in Library Science and Information Studies from Florida State University in 1991 and was a librarian, educator, and advocate for information and library access for immigrant and underserved populations. She was responsible for a large body of work focusing on Library and Information Services in the Caribbean and the Americas providing many resources and programming on the specific library and information needs of underserved and/or Latin American immigrant populations and their families. Dr. Chavez-Hernandez was also an active member of Florida Library Association, American Library Association, Association of Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), National Education Association (NEA), and REFORMA (National Association to Promote Library Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking). Dr. Chavez-Hernandez passed away in 2008.



Excellence in a Field Endeavor

Award Rubrics Award Description
Betty Davis Miller Youth Services Awards To recognize an individual or group for creating an outstanding program of direct service to youth through a measurable impact, originality, and sustainability. Two awards will be presented annually: one for children's services (ages 12 and under) and one for teen/young adult services (ages 13 through 18).
Excellence in Marketing and Public Relations To recognize outstanding strategic marketing or public relations campaigns that demonstrate documented and measurable success through strategic planning and creativity..
Exemplary Instructional Programs or Services To recognize a Florida librarian, team or organization that designed, planned, executed or evaluated a continuing program or special project of library instruction. Further, the purpose of this award is to recognize best practices of sound design and the implementation of products and services in order to enhance learning in libraries. Continuing programs or special projects may include classes developed and taught by library staff, structured tutorial programs coordinated by libraries, online tutorials or programs, or paper-based fact finders.
Libraries Mean Business The Libraries Mean Business Award recognizes and celebrates the significant contribution of library initiatives to local economies and communities, emphasizing investments in library services that benefit businesses and residents alike.
Library Web Presence To recognize a Florida library that provides excellent service via the World Wide Web with outstanding examples of effective library web pages and a library's overall web presence, which may include social media with special attention to the importance of good design and usability in web page development.
Outstanding Scholarly Contribution  This award recognizes exceptional research in librarianship, library science, and research into problems, challenges, and/or issues in libraries published by a Florida librarian or library staff member during the past two years.  Research projects may include published books, book chapters, journal articles, white papers, bibliographies, or other significant contributions to library literature. Blog posts, master’s theses, and doctoral dissertations are not eligible. Submissions will be judged based on their contributions to the field of librarianship.

Outstanding Citizen

Awards Rubrics Award Description
Friends, Foundations and Boards Outstanding Member To recognize a member of a Friends of the Library group, a library board member, or a library foundation member for outstanding leadership, service and/or achievement.
Outstanding Business or Media Partner Award To honor a company, business partner, or media agency (including newspaper, television, magazine, etc.) for their leadership or significant contribution in support of library service to a local, regional, or state-wide library organization.
Outstanding Citizen Award To recognize the distinguished activities of a resident of Florida in advancing the stature of libraries within Florida.