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Committee Description
Advocacy & Legislative

The purpose of this committee is to be proactive in raising awareness of and speaking for the importance of libraries and showcasing their value to local/state decision-makers and community members alike. It will ensure that FLA is a responsive and effective advocate, for  FLA members, their institutions, and for other organizations that share FLA’s values. Committee members represent a wide range of geographical areas and types of institutions throughout Florida and actively engage with the wider FLA membership.

Awards & Honors Committee

The purpose of this committee is to recognize FLA members in the library community who are enhancing the field by showcasing members’ work and bringing awareness to the innovative and meaningful work of libraries throughout the state. This committee is also tasked with contributing to the future leaders of libraries by raising funds to financially support up-and-coming students with scholarships.


The purpose of this committee is to establish an impactful and effective information-sharing process that elevates the mission, vision and values of FLA for members, stakeholders and the community. This committee will establish methods of communications that tell the story of FLA and its members. The committee will actively assist other committees in coordinating the appropriate communications method for all initiatives, including the annual conference and other year-round programs.

Conference Planning

The purpose of this committee is to assist in coordinating the logistics of FLA’s annual conference: determining content, creating a schedule, planning networking events, coordinating volunteers, contacting vendors, assisting with the exhibit hall, and other duties as assigned. When planning these events, the committee acts as a small representative of the membership and uses their knowledge to plan an impactful and educational conference.


(Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility)

The purpose of this committee is to support the FLA mission, vision, values, and strategic plan in terms of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. The committee works to develop initiatives and resources for ongoing DEIA work by FLA on behalf of all Florida libraries. Specifically, this includes providing guidance, strategic recommendations and action steps related to organizational priorities and activities; collaborating with the FLA Board, executive team and leadership, FLA committees, and FLA staff; and highlighting the work of libraries and relevant work in the area of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.  

Intellectual Freedom

The purpose of this committee is to keep abreast of all of the encroachments on intellectual freedom and help identify common circumstances where a library may need help and develop a framework for assistance by working in partnership with ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom to address cases of censorship. It also acts as an advisory board to the Executive Board in safeguarding the rights of Florida library users.

Membership Development

The purpose of this committee is to develop and oversee projects designed to recruit and retain FLA members and inform the greater library community about the association and its goals.

Professional Development The purpose of this committee is to identify  professional development training and resources for FLA members. The committee will guide FLA, its board of directors and staff in determining appropriate content to deliver as part of the FLA mission to provide quality professional development. The Committee’s focus  on professional development falls into three main strategic areas: (1) continuing education, (2) leadership development and (3) library career development. This committee will also research and recommend additional in-person professional development opportunities throughout the year.


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