2023 Annual Conference Highlights

Thank you for attending!  It was great to see all of you.  Click here for our evalution surveys: CONFERENCE and BREAKOUTS.   All live stream videos and on-demand breakout videos are available in the eventmobi app for 90 days. https://eventmobi.com/flacon2023CLICK HERE for print ready version of program brochure.

Pictures Tuesday, May 16
Pictures Wednesday, May 17
Pictures Thursday, May 18
Pictures Friday, May 19




2023-2024 FLA President's Message

"The drafters of the Declaration of Independence believed in the essential rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Since 1776, our nation has struggled to apply these principles equally across all its residents in order to create that elusive more perfect union. At its core, the freedoms that Americans seek are the same freedoms supported by our libraries. Of these aspects of liberty, three specific freedoms stand out for me..."  Read the full message