Incorporating Responsive Librarianship in Children and Teen Programming


Tween, Teen or Young Adult Programming or Services

Level of Experience


Target Audience

School Librarians, Special Librarians, and Youth Services

Session Description 

This interactive presentation will introduce the concept of responsive librarianship and will model activities that can be used with children and young adults to help them find connections between the books they read and their own mental health..


Brittany Baum, University of South Florida
Brittany Baum is a degree-seeking student in the Masters in Library and Information Science program at the University of South Florida. She has over five years of public library experience and currently works as a Graduate Assistant with USF's School of Information.

Peter Cannon, University of South Florida
Peter Cannon, MLIS, is the Communication Officer for the University of South Florida’s School of Information and a veteran of library service with many years of working in the field of information science. He is also the director of the Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office Library, an information center designed to deliver bibliotherapy services to women in a residential treatment center. He taught technical writing at the University of South Florida where he received his PhD in rhetoric.

Janet Chan, University of South Florida
Janet Chan is an MLIS student in the School of Information at the University of South Florida. She previously worked as an RN and has an interest in health education and literacy.

Denise Shereff, University of South Florida
Denise Shereff, MLIS, AHIP, is a member of the School of Information faculty at the University of South Florida. Formerly she served as a Health Information and Communications Officer at the Pediatrics Epidemiology Center (PEC) of USF’s College of Medicine. She received her MLIS from the University of South Carolina and completed the National Library of Medicine Spring 2010 fellowship program in BioMedical Informatics at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She holds distinguished-level membership in the Medical Library Association’s Academy of Health Information Professionals and Level 2 Consumer Health Information Specialization. She is currently enrolled in the USF College of Education’s Ph.D. program in Curriculum and Instruction, with a concentration in Instructional Technology.

Natalie Taylor, University of South Florida
Natalie Greene Taylor, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. Her research focuses on young people’s access to information. More specifically, she studies youth information behavior, information intermediaries, and information policy as it affects youth information access. She is an Editor of Library Quarterly, has published over two dozen scholarly journal articles, and has co-authored two books.


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