Nominating a fellow colleague, or even yourself, is a very exciting opportunity that not everyone gets to experience. The process can be a bit daunting to newbies and event those who have submitted many nominations. The Awards & Honors Committee has created some frequently asked questions in hopes that you can quickly find the answers you need.

Who may submit nominations?

  • Any current FLA individual member or institutional member may submit a nomination or nominations in any category. You must be logged in to the FLA website in order to submit a nomination.

Who may receive nominations?

  • Any current FLA individual member or organizational member may be nominated in any category (as appropriate). All eligible nominees must be a current FLA member, with the exception of “Outstanding Business or Media Partner” or “Outstanding Citizen” categories; they do not need to be current FLA members to be nominated.

May I make a nomination if I’m not an individual member, but my institution is a member?

  • Yes, if you are authorized by that institution. You must log in to the FLA website to submit an institutional nomination, so it is necessary obtain access permissions within your institution in advance. Alternatively, you may also request the appropriate party within your institution to submit a nomination(s).

Where can I find out if my institution is a member or verify my membership?

  • Please log in to the FLA website and use the Member Search on your account homepage, or email FLA Administrative Assistant Janel Habeger, [email protected], for membership verification or assistance.

Are certain award categories “restricted” to large institutions?

  • No! The Association seeks to recognize exceptional work and contributions by libraries, library professionals, paraprofessionals, and supporters in all of their endeavors, and does not favor or give preference to a nominee based on the size of their associated library or library system.

How do I submit an award application?

  • Please log in to FLA and click on 2023 FLA Awards Nomination Form to submit a nomination.

Can I save my work on the application if I can’t complete it in one sitting?

  • Yes! Once you start an application, it will save for 2 weeks from the last time you edited the form. If you don't access the application for more than 2 weeks, you will have to re-enter your information.

Can I download and save the nomination?

  • Unfortunately the software does not have this capability. You can, however, create screenshots from your submission to save. Best practice would be to have your answers ready before you submit the form. You can do this by reviewing a form first and not hitting "submit" at the end so you are familiar with the questions.

When is the deadline to make a nomination? 

  • March 10 2023, at 11:59 PM. Please verify that your membership status is current at least three (3) business days before preparing and submitting a nomination. Nominations are not reviewed until the close of the nominating period.

Who may I contact if I have any questions?

  • Please email FLA Awards and Honors Committee Chair Sheldon Burke, sburke@broward.org with any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your interest!