Statements & Responses to Citrus County Board of County Commissioners

In light of recent events surrounding the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners and their position to not fund an electronic subscription to the New York Times, FLA and ALA have provided a number of responses. You can view them below.

This local governing body will have ongoing business with the Citrus County Library system and its staff; therefore, we ask that anyone voicing concerns to the commissioners directly do so in a respectful manner.


Official Letter to Board of County Commissioners

November 6th Op Ed authored by Heather Snapp, Intellectual Freedom Committee and Robin Shader, Past President


Basic Timeline of events

  • County Commissioners meeting held Oct. 24, 2019, minutes here:
    • Item E4 – see the withdrawn motion & second and no action taken notation
    • Item back on agenda for Nov. 19 at request of Commissioner Coleman
  • State and National Press started on or around Nov 3
  • Nov 5 FLA ED released statement via FLA listserv to address issue
  • Nov 5 ALA released statement
  • Nov 6 EveryLibrary released petition (not in conjunction with FLA)
  • Nov 6 USA Today Network contacted FLA for op ed piece to run in 6 Florida newspapers (Op Ed story link above)
  • Nov 7 Update to FLA Board of efforts taken/underway
  • Nov 7 FLA letter sent Citrus County commissioners (above)
  • Nov 7 Business Insider story published (above)
  • Week of Nov 11 ALA to send letter to Citrus County commissioners


As we learn more, we will place that information on this page. Thank you for your support.