2022 Breakout Sessions By Topic

 In-Person sessions are subject to change presentation dates and/or times. Check back for an up-to-date schedule.

Session Title Format Date Time Room
Topic: Pre-Conference

Reset and Reconnect Library Friends Groups and Foundations 

  • Amy L. Johnson, Florida Department of State/Division of Library and Information Services
  • Beth Nawalinski, United for Libraries, American Library Association
  • Peter Pearson, Library Strategies Consulting Group and Library Foundation for Sarasota County
IN PERSON 5/22/2022 1pm-5pm Heritage A/B

Unlocking Creativity Magic

  • James Songster, James Songster Emerging Leader Training

IN PERSON  5/22/2022 1pm-5pm Heritage C/E
Topic: Adult Programming or Services
Collaborating Across State Lines: Planning & Implementing Large Scale Online Programs
  • Michael D. Bryant, Broward County Library
  • Angela Jenkins, Broward County Library
  • Maria de Lurdy (Mari) Martinez Serrano, Broward County Library
  • Sebastian Perez, Broward County Library

Connecting Limited Populations to Unlimited Services

  • Stacey Shiels, Palm Beach County Library System
  • Chandra Thornton, Palm Beach County Library System
  • Jazmine Condes-Lopez, Palm Beach County Library System
  • Amy Elakman, Palm Beach County Library System

From Disconnected to HS Diploma Bound: How Florida Public Libraries are Re-Engaging Adults Back into the Virtual Educational System

  • Dr. Howard Liebman, Smart Horizons Career Online Education
  • Allison Grubbs, Broward County Libraries Division
  • Mallory Cyr, Safety Harbor Public Library
  • Katrina Evans, Columbia County Public Library
IN PERSON  5/24/2022 4pm-5pm Heritage A/B

Keep Calm and Pivot: Resetting Library Engagement with Remote Outreach

  • Maria Atilano, University of North Florida
  • Giannina Medell, University of North Florida
  • Stephanie Race, University of North Florida
IN PERSON  5/24/2022  9am-10am Heritage A/B

Online But Not Forgotten: (Re)Connecting with Community through Collections

  • Stephanie Garcia, Miami Dade Public Library System
  • Jessica Miller, Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library
  • Keila Zayas Ruiz, Sunshine State Digital Network
ONLINE   N/A   N/A   N/A
What We've Learned This Year IN PERSON  5/24/2022  1pm-2pm Heritage C/E
Topic: Assessment

Better Stats for Better Stories: Show AND Tell

  • Chris Hare, West Florida Public Libraries

 5/23/2022  1pm-2pm Masters Ballroom
Topic: Children's Programming or Services

A Tale of Two Program Plans

  • Alan Davis, West Florida Public Libraries
  • Tiana Skinner, West Florida Public Library
  • John Sullivan, West Florida Public Library
  • Kim Carroll, West Florida Public Library
  • Lindsey Corey, West Florida Public Library
  • Kit Olivas, West Florida Public Library
ONLINE   N/A   N/A   N/A

Summer Reading Outreach to Overcome the COVID-Divide

  • Natalie Houston, Orange County Library System
  • Matt Blood, Orange County Library System
  • Stacey Lawson, Orange County Library System
  • Kathryn Thorpe, Orange County Library System
 5/24/2022 2:30pm-3:30pm Masters Ballroom
Topic: Diversity

Asian American & Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AA & NH/PI)

  • Katharine Kan, Northwest Regional Library System
IN PERSON  5/25/2022 10:30am-11:30am Heritage A/B

Hire the Best: Enhance the Library Workforce with Inclusive Job Recruitment

  • Audrey Koke, Saint Leo University
IN PERSON  5/24/2022 2:30pm-3:30pm Heritage C/E

SLIDE INTO OUR DMS: The Power of the BIPOC Bookstagram Community

  • Veronica Smith and Dennie Wang, The Vulgar Geniuses
 5/25/2022  9am-10am Masters Ballroom
Topic: Information Literacy

Reconnecting the Right Way with Video and Social Media

  • Gerrianne Schaad, Florida Southern College
  • Steven Wade, Florida Southern College
IN PERSON  5/24/2022 10:30am-12pm Heritage A/B

Support Health and Mental Wellness with Florida Electronic Library Resources

  • Tammi VanBuren, Gale (partnering with Florida Electronic Library)


 5/23/2022  2:30pm-4pm Masters Ballroom

The Role of Libraries in the Mis/Disinformation Age

  • Marlon Moore, Miami-Dade Public Library System
IN PERSON  5/24/2022  9am-10am Heritage C/E
Topic: Intellectual Freedom

Resetting Intellectual Freedom for Today's World

5/23/2022 1pm-2pm Masters Ballroom
Topic: Other

Connecting to the Other Side and Local History

  • Elise VanCise, Astor County Library/ Lake County Library System
 5/24/2022 10:30am-12pm Masters Ballroom

English Literacy for Families

  • Danielle King, Orange County Library System
  • Dr. Jelitza Rivera, Orange County Library System
  • Kimberly White, Broward County Library
IN PERSON  5/25/2022  9am-10am Heritage A/B

Library on the Move: Bringing Library Services to Neighborhoods

  • Lisa Hathaway, Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach
  • Jennifer McQuown, Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach
  • Kathy Hage, Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach

 5/24/2022  9am-10am Masters Ballroom

Re-thinking Readers' Advisory in a post-COVID world

  • Halle Carlson, NoveList
Topic: Personal and Professional Development

Career 411 - Never Too Late to Jumpstart Your Career!

  • Marina Morgan, Florida Southern College
  • Marla Black, Johnson University Florida
  • Mary Beth Isaacson, Pasco County Libraries
  • Hasina Akhter, Pasco County Libraries
  • Kristen Rodriguez, Nova Southeastern University
  • Jerdaine Sterling, Broward County Library
IN PERSON  5/24/2022 10:30am-12pm Heritage C/E

Leading Your Team to Productivity

  • Leo Lo, The University of New Mexico
  • Doug Crane, Palm Beach County Public Library System
  • Vanessa Reyes, University of South Florida

Reset and Reconnect with Adaptive Yoga in the Library and Virtually

  • Arlene Haessler, Monroe County Public Library-Marathon

IN PERSON  5/23/2022  2:30pm-4pm Heritage A/B

Your Library - The Place to Be!

  • Greg Sidberry, University of Fort Lauderdale
IN PERSON  5/25/2022  9am-10am Heritage C/E
Topic: Reference Services

Eight Steps to Excellent Customer Service in Virtual Reference

  • Julie Edwards, Niche Academy
IN PERSON  5/23/2022  1pm-2pm Heritage A/B

Refresh & Reconnect Your Instructional Videos

  • April Lafferty, Florida International University
  • Gricel Dominguez, Florida International University
IN PERSON  5/24/2022  4pm-5pm Heritage C/E
Resetting Resource Sharing
  • Amy Jones, Osceola Library System, Director
  • Britt McGowan, John C. Pace Library - University of West Florida.
  • Randy Miller, St. Lucie County Public Library System
  • Deborah Hensler, SHAREit Product Manager, Auto-Graphics, Inc.
  • Cathy Moloney, Bureau Chief, Division of Library and Information Services - State Library of Florida
ONLINE   N/A   N/A   N/A

Social Workers in Public Libraries: An Exploration of Current Practice in Florida

  • Melissa Gross, Florida State University School of Information
  • Don Latham, Florida State University School of Information
  • Karen Randolph, Florida State University College of Social Work
IN PERSON  5/24/2022  1pm-2pm Heritage A/B
Topic: Special Collections and Digitization

Know Your Neighborhood: Manatee County Neighborhood Histories Project

  • Katie Fleck, Manatee County Public Library System
IN PERSON  5/24/2022 2:30pm-3:30pm Heritage A/B
Topic: Technology

FLVC - Library Services Update

  • Elijah Scott, Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) - Library Services
  • Ellen Bishop, FLVC - Library Services
  • Rachel Erb, FLVC - Library Services
  • Rebel Cummings-Sauls, FLVC - Library Services.
  • Brian Erb, FLVC - Library Services
IN PERSON  5/25/2022 10:30am-11:30am Heritage C/E

The Dynamic Duo: Koha and Aspen Discovery, an Open Source Love Story

  • Jessie Zairo, ByWater Solutions
  • Kal Marquise, ByWater Solutions 
  • Vicky Stever, Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative
ONLINE   N/A   N/A   N/A
Topic: Tween, Teen or Young Adult Programming or Services

 Alternative Universes - Alternate Reality Games and Creative Website Design

  • Samma Fagan, Palm Harbor Library

IN PERSON  5/23/2022  2:30pm-4pm Heritage C/E