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The FLA Performers Directory is the place to be! Captivate library audiences with your talents and book more programs by advertising with FLA. We are a statewide association that reaches all areas of Florida. This is the perfect opportunity for you to interact, in-person or virtually with libraries everywhere!
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Berdolé Flamenco

berdole flamenquillo

 Phone: (404) 277-1499
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.berdole.com


Teaching artist and flamenco dancer Julie Galle Baggenstoss is touring two separate shows for libraries that make connections between literature and dance.
Ferdinand Por Farruca-combines a reading of The Story of Ferdinand with a dance performance and dance class exploring how we express emotions in movement, just like characters express emotions in stories. This program is appropriate for grades K-5.
Dancing Stories-combines a reading of Perez y Martina with a dance performance and dance class that teaches kids how to dance the same dances that Martina dances in the story. We also imagine and embody the movements of the animals who come to visit Martina, to create a new dance based on animal steps. Time permitting, we read one more book from my collection, including The Little Spanish Dancer, Flamenco to Mischief: A Miss Mallard Mystery, and Lola's Fandango. This program is appropriate for grades K-5.
All programs are performed by a single dancer using recorded music as accompaniment.

Program Length: 45 minutes in length

Regions: All Regions

Cost: $500 - one or two libraries within a 25-mile radius in a single day $125 for an additional same-day booking at a library within a 25-mile radius of the primary booking(s)

$400 for two additional next-day bookings at libraries within a 25-mile radius of the primary booking(s)

 Marc Black's Boppa Chua!

Marc Black's Boppa Chua!

Phone: (914) 760-7460
Email: [email protected]
Website:  www.marcblack.com/boppa-chua


The History of the 1950s and '60s through Popular Song. New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Marc Black, will be your guide through an evening of song, storytelling and laughter through these two historically defining decades.  You’ll celebrate wonderful songs as diverse as Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka -Dot Bikini and Blowin’ in the Wind, as well as tunes by artists ranging from Dean Martin to George Harrison.  In addition to the music and conversation, this popular program features a slide show by Susan Black that’s sure to slide you right back in time.  Marc will also perform his own group’s top forty hits from 1967 when he toured with The Doors, Neil Diamond, The Dave Clark Five, and Van Morrison… ‘Happy’ by the ‘Blades of Grass’.Watch this 3-minute video and you'll see why folks so enjoy this show.

Program Length: 75 minutes in length
Regions: All Regions
Cost: Our fee is $500 (sometimes negotiable depending on our tour routing.





DoDad's Lab


Phone: (888) 993-6323
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.dodadslab.com


Florida's best and funniest scientist Professor DoDad. The Professor has devoted over 17 years to inspiring kids to love science via his inspirational and interactive programs that make Science Fun! DoDad's Lab is a high energy science show that will bring laughter and science fun to audiences K-5th grades. Professor DoDad uses an array of wonderful and captivating science experiments, puppetry, music, and more geared just for kids. (and parents to of course – in fact we have been told that the parents often enjoy it as much as the children and sometimes more).The performances are a mixture of demonstrations by Professor DoDad and hands-on activities. All performances are designed for children in K-5th grades. We cover topics from across the Science Curriculum including Chemistry, Sounds, Force & Motion, and much more.

Program Length: 45 minutes in length

Regions: All Regions

Cost: $375 per program45 Minutes (Discounts for multiple shows at same location).









Phone: (562) 452-3487
Email: [email protected]
Website: gladiusmusic.com


WINNER: 1st Ever GWINNETT SUPERSTAR (2022)Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, pupiled by Andrés Segovia’s protégé, and driven to obsession by Eddie Van Halen—Gladius is an award-winning composer and "accomplished classical/flamenco style guitarist" who soulfully “shreds on the electric" (Phil Keaggy), sharing the bill with Grammy winners and mesmerizing audiences nationwide with his electrifying live act since 2016.Determined to entertain as well as inspire audiences of all ages, this ‘musical mad-scientist’ explores a multi-cultural mixture of musical styles, and demonstrates the art of perseverance—the guitarist has prevailed over a crippling case of nerve damage which could have easily ended a musician's career...inspired by the great composers, Spanish guitar maestros, and much more, this musical mad scientist fuses the elements into a refreshing formula—evoking the Spanish spirit, yet distinctly unorthodox.

Program Length: 45-120 minutes

Regions: All Regions

Cost:  $300 – 700(Block-Booking Discounts Available)Also Available for Virtual Concerts (Live-Streaming ie Zoom)








Jane Rosenbohm
Guitar Extraordinaire

Jane Rosenbohm 

Phone: (804) 300-6004
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.janeguitar.com

A traditional solo guitar concert WITHOUT ELECTRIC GADGETS or singing showing the true beatuy of this popular instrument. Jane plays selections that demonstrate why Beethoven called the guitar a miniature orchestra. The program's volume is presented at normal talking voice level at 3 feet apart in the center of the room, only using a small Bose amplifier (the seize of a coffeemaker) requiring minimal space. Jane is an accomplished performer that has performed in Italy, Ecuador, and North America.

Program Length: 60-90 Minutes
Regions: All Regions
Cost: $350

 James Songster
Emerging Leadership Training

James Songster Leadership

Phone: (407) 222-4412
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.betterleadershipskills.com


Combining his career as a professional Magician, with his expertise as a veteran Disney instructor on the subject of Emerging Leader Skills, ideally positions James Songster as a legendary “double threat”. For three decades James trained Walt Disney World Cast Members and is a recipient of the prestigious Disney Legacy Award, one of the highest recognition honors presented by the Walt Disney Co. His career, and established expertise in the delivery of education programs on the subject of emerging leadership training, have made him highly sought after by universities, colleges and organizations looking to improve the skills of their own emerging leaders. In 2017 James Songster created his Emerging Leader Training as a specialized series of seminars and workshops combining his knowledge of Disney training and development, with his love of Magic. This made it possible for a select number of clients who were ready to improve their own emerging leadership, teamwork, or creativity skills to work directly with James. Now, James is making his Emerging Leader Training available for you. Whether experienced in-person, or during a live virtual experience, in each seminar James pairs everything he knows about creating engagement with his passion for developing leader skills, teamwork, and “Unlocking the Magic” of creativity. Those who participate learn that this is where the true magical transformation happens. James Songster knows the magic formula for delivering impactful training and is excited to offer you this series of highly engaging workshops and seminars. Each hands on program has been created exclusively for those who have a desire to foster stronger teamwork, are eager to acquire proven and easy to use tools for inspiring creativity, and possess the courage to unlock their own Emerging Leadership Skills.

Program Length: For Virtual Workshop via zoom (up to 90 min); an individual Workshop (up to 3 hours); Development Retreat (up to 7 hours)

Regions: All Regions

Cost: $900, $3,000, $5,000

 Jimmy C Magic

Phone: (585) 766-8829
Email: [email protected]
Website: jimmycmagic.com

My program / show is totally based on FUN .....my objective is simple , KIDS ARE MAGIC there's plenty of magic, laughter, learning and amazement.

Program Length: 45 minutes

Regions: From Pembroke Pines all the way up to Fort Pierce

Cost: $375


Katie Adams Oceans

Phone: (813) 282-4993
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.katieadamstheater.com


Touring with two shows for summer 2022.
"Oceans of Possibility". Stories from the Sea Storytelling Show. Splash into aquatic fun with storyteller Katie Adams. Get your toes wet and participate with these folk tales from around the world: the hilarious Alligator and Hen, Dolphins and Shark, Bimwilli and the Zimwe, and Why the Sun and the Moon live in the Sky. These stories were originally performed at the Florida Aquarium. With colorful props, a beachscape background, and audience participation, this forty-five-minute show is sure to be a refreshing dive into the imagination.

45 minutes, for ages 3 to10.
Pirates Tales! Avast ye mateys! The coasts of Florida were once crawling with pirates. In colorful pirate garb, Katie brings these stories to life with a treasure chest full of props and costumes, vivid scenery, parrot puppets, and audience participation. Stories include Anne Bonnie and Mary Reed, The Pirate’s Three Wishes, Short Tales of Florida Pirates, and more! Audiences will discover what treasure lies at the spot marked X and be inspired to sail away with books about pirates.
45 minutes, for ages 4 to 10.

Program Length: 45 minutes in length for each show
Regions: Touring all of Florida.
Cost: Prices range from $350.00 to $650.00. Group rates are available.





Mr. Richards 

Phone: (321) 332-4271
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.mrrichard.net


Music made especially for your shortest patrons, with emphasis on what's important: dogs, trains, stinkbugs, the 5-second rule, garbage trucks, etc.; listen on Spotify. Lots of audience participation. Full-on rocking trio available for dancing--kids gotta rock!

Program Length: 45 minutes in length
Regions: All Regions 
Cost: $300 plus travel from Orlando








One-Man Band


Phone: (516) 318-2135
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ricklaban.me


Singer/guitarist and storyteller, enlightening and entertaining audiences with tributes and stories featuring many different artists as follows: Beatles Acoustic Guitar Masterpieces, Valentine’s Day-Love songs of the 60s and 70s, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley & The Reggae Influence on rock, The British Invasion, Cat Stevens, Elton John & Billy Joel Face to Face, Flower Power pop of the 60s, George Harrison, The Great American Folk Song Tradition, James Taylor, Jim Croce, John Lennon, Moody Blues, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Ringo Starr, Rolling Stones, Travelling Wilburys, Tom Petty, Valentine’s Day-Love songs of the 60s and 70s

Program Length: 75-85 minutes in length

Regions: Southeast Florida for in-person. Zoom programs are available anywhere. 

Cost: Zoom Shows $125; In-person shows start at $200 plus travel outside of the Boynton Beach area. 

 Orisirisi African Folklore

Orisirisi African Folklore

Phone:(407) 697-1336
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.orisirisiafricanfolklore.com


Moonlight Stories: is a recreation of the African storytelling tradition, inclusive of mesmerizing African drumming and dance, spirited call and response songs, and fun-filled audience participation. Though child-centered it appeals to the child’s-heart in everyone, as the audience members meet Dog and Turtle, The Wolf and The Three Kids, Anansi and His Six Sons or other unforgettable characters that none one will soon forget!

Drum Sermons: is a celebration of music that recounts its origin and makes clear how it came to live in our hearts. This informative yet entertaining performance includes stories from the far corners of the African continent, spirited drumming, dance, and song, and a healthy dose of the obligatory African tradition of audience participation.

Program Length: 60 minutes in length

Regions: All Regions

Cost: $350-$600



 Out of My Hands Juggling & Illusions
Out Of My Hands

Phone:(239) 560-1671
Email: [email protected]
Website: outofmyhands2.com


Welcome to Out of My Hands where taking entertainment to the next level is expected. Blending choregraphed juggling with illusions, Out of My Hands delivers a high-energy show that is innovative and interactive. The show features juggling light effects. It's musical! It's kinetic artistry! Positive messages are incorporated into every show. Juggling workshops provide an aerobic workout, encourage perseverance, build self-esteem, and promote goal-setting skills.


Program Length: 55 minutes in length

Regions: All Regions

Cost: $290-$500 depending upon travel and number of shows booked in a given region. Add a juggling workshop to a show (same day) for just $150.





Peter Charles Entertainment

Peter Charles

Phone: (866) 299-2362
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.partysingerguitarist.com


Singer guitarist Peter Charles provides a discussion and live performance of many of the greatest stars of the 50's & 60's.The program is part educational and part entertaining, with short stories of each artist or band performed. It is an upbeat and very entertaining show, complete with recorded backing orchestration for a full sound experience.

Recommended for ages 55+.

Program Length: 1-2 hours
Cost: 1 hour show $200 and 2 hour show $350







The Story Dome

The Story Dome
Phone: (407) 891-5030
Email: [email protected]
Website: thestorydome.com

The Story Dome is a brand-new portable planetarium in association with DoDad's Lab. The team at DoDad's Lab has over 30 years of experience educating and entertaining all ages. Using the science standards and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as the basis of all their programs. It is not just a show...it is an experience you will not forget. The attendees will be learning about our stars and the constellations. Many cultures are reflected in the pictures they imagined in the sky. Our planetarium shows includes a mix of music, games, night sky education, and much more. This is not your typical planetarium presentation. We have two inflatable domes to offer. The small dome holds 25 kids/adults and needs a ceiling height of 12'. The large dome holds 50 kids/adults and needs a ceiling height of 16'.

Program Length: 2 sessions 30 minutes in length

Regions: All Regions. 

Cost: $350 (includes both sessions). Additional programs are $100.



Turtle Dance Music


Phone: (973) 493-2326
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.turtledancemusic.com


AutismFriendlyShows.com and Turtle Dance Music (“We Help Kids Come Out Of Their Shells!”) provide autism-friendly and preschool music programs that will knock your socks off! With Big Screen LIVE virtual events you can host the same in person audience plus multiple branches/schools/daycares for the fraction of the cost of an in person performer WITH THE SAME RAVE REVIEWS and interactivity as an in person performer. We are helping libraries become equalizers for library patrons who don’t have access to the internet, a computer, and we are showing librarians a whole new version of virtual programming. We have also written several articles and created how-to demos for the Programming Librarian Blog for the American Library Association. All of our team members are certified with Autism Intervention and Early Childhood Development Degrees.

Program Length: 30 minutes in length

Regions: All Regions. 

Cost: $100/show for 5 or more bookings$150/show for 2-4 bookings$250 for one booking. Each show is 30 minutes and presented on the BIG SCREEN Live and virtually

We can also LIVE translate our virtual programs into Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese and 90+ languages with our partners at Lexikeet translation services!







Waterfall Productions

Waterfall Productions

Phone: (978) 430-1357
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.waterfallproductions.com

Hello & thanks for looking! I'm Rita Parisi, a performing artist based out of Massachusetts. Since 2005, my original one-woman programs have been presented to libraries in New England, New York, New Jersey, and more recently, on the west coast of Florida. I will be touring Florida in February & March 2022 with the following three programs (Victorian Courtship Tea, Women of '76 & I am Zelda, one-act play about Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald) All three of these are appropriate for libraries.


Victorian Courtship Tea: Mrs. Gordon, a middle-class woman from 1908 has invited you, the audience, to afternoon tea. She will share with you courtship rituals and how her husband courted her in the 1890s. This is an interactive performance where the audience can ask questions of Mrs. Gordon and share their own stories of courtship and dating. Perfect for February. Recommended for ages 8+.

Women of '76: Meet five women, loyalist and patriot, American and foreign-born who witnessed and in some cases changed the course of the American Revolution. Great for March, Women's History Month. Recommended for ages 8+.

I am Zelda, a one-act play about Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was the glittering half of the Golden Couple of the 1920s and muse and inspiration for the flapper characters in Fitzgerald's Jazz Age stories. Though a legend in her own time, she was much more than her public image. This original play will pay tribute to an often misunderstood woman; a woman who battled schizophrenia for much of her life; a woman who was also a mother, an accomplished ballet dancer, an exhibited artist, and a published writer.

Recommended for ages 13+.

Program Length: 50-75 minutes + Q&A
Cost: $400-$650 including travel