2019 Friends Session II

After the crisis - Methods Friends groups can use to prop up your libraries right after the hurricane hits. How to raise money even outside your own area.




Ed Rossman
Edmund A. Rossman III has been involved with libraries and broadcasting since 1980. After surviving cancer he retired from the Shaker Heights Public Library (OH) in 2018. He is the author of Castles Against Ignorance: How to Make Libraries Great Educational Environments (2006) and 40+ New Revenue Sources for Libraries and Nonprofits (2016). He has taught courses for Kent State University in Journalism and Library Science. Currently he does eCourses and webinars nationally on fundraising. As a business manager of radio stations in two major markets, he coordinated dozens of sponsorship campaigns, and produced hundreds of hours of award-winning specialty programming. He holds Masters degrees in Communications from Ohio University and in Library and Information Science from Kent State University. He has family ties in the Panama City area going back 30 years.