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Al Poindexter

Phone: 904-610-4507

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: 1-2 hours of folk music in concert. $150 for and hour. $200 for 2 sets of 45 min with break in between. Plus travel expenses from Jacksonville OR I teach a 3 session, 90 min per session class titled "North Florida Folk Music: History and Tradition" based on the book by Ron Johnson. Class includes live music and multi media Audio visual presentation of material, Originally developed this class for the Osher Life Long Learning Institute program at the University of North Florida.

Regions: I perform in libraries, folk festivals and listening rooms around North Florida mostly.

If you like folk style songs about backwater places and Florida folks, then my original songs, contemporary folk style songs and traditional tunes will please. Stories about the songs and folks. 

Amazing Comedy Magic
Shows by Cesar Domico

Phone: 813-298-0496

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Amazing Comedy Magic Shows by Cesar Domico. Time: 45 minutes Cost: $300 - $600

Regions: All Florida

Amazing Comedy Magic Shows by Cesar Domico. Looking for memorable show entertainment for the whole family where kids and parents can be amazed and laugh? Unique - Funny - Energetic - Amazing!

Andre R. Frattino

Phone: 352-562-2729 

Email: [email protected]

Audience: All ages

Cost & Length: $300- 90 minute presentation and workshop (no overage costs), $200- Travel Expense

Regions: All regions in Florida

Begins with an engaging overview of the history of "sequential art", from early cave paintings to comic. Continues with the step-by-step procedure for making comics. Finishes with a DIY workshop!

Atlantic Coast Theatre
(A.C.T.) for Youth

Phone: 863-242-8656

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Single Performance: $550-$650 (Discounts are available for multiple bookings.) Each show is approximately 45 minutes.

Regions: Statewide




Backintyme -
Frank & Mary Lee Sweet

Phone: 386-439-9413

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: 45 min - 60 min $350 plus expenses if more than 50 miles travel

Regions: All regions

Stories & music - Civil War, Holidays, Irish Tales & Music, Stephen Foster Music, Life & Times, Abraham & Mary Lincoln, Mark Twain, Florida History and 19th Century children’s stories and songs.

Berdolé FlamenQuillo


Phone: 404-277-1499

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: My programs for kids usually run 45 minutes, and I charge $200 for a single or double, plus travel of $100-300. I encourage block booking to reduce the travel costs.

Regions: Throughout Florida

Dance & explore themes based in literature: a dancing cockroach, a flower-loving bull, & the movies. Taking inspiration from literacy, we stomp, shout, and twirl to celebrate characters in motion.

 Bill & Eli Perras

Phone: 386-747-9820

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Each presentation lasts approx. 50 minutes long and costs between $250 to $500.

Regions: All

Bill & Eli have 2 separate educational presentations:
1) "Educational Florida Folk Songs & Stories"
2) "Black History Month: Song & Story"

Bits N Pieces
Puppet Theatre


Phone: 813-659-0659

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Puppet Show titles include "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Selfish Giant", and four other titles. Want to make puppets? We offer three make and perform puppet workshops: "Millions of Cats", "Three Billy Goats Gruff", and "Ugly Bugs". Custom themed workshops are also possible. The performances run 45-60 minutes, worshops 60-75 minutes. The fee is $300.00 for a single event. (Outside of the Tampa Bay area travel is added at $.50/mile. Examples: Ft. Lauderdale $500.00. Orlando/Ocala $350.00. Tallahassee $550.00.) Second performance, same location is $100.00 or two libraries can work together the same day and split the travel.

Regions: Performances available year round and across the state.

Beautiful marionette and glove puppets perform classic children's stories. A brief puppet-making demo follows each show and children leave with workshop materials to make their own puppets.

Bob Lusk Music


Phone: 845-594-4412

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Cost is $250-$500 including travel, plus housing. Meet/greet available. Length is 45-120 minutes. Sound equipment available.

Regions: All of Florida

Bob Lusk sings historic and regional Folk Songs of Florida, accompanying himself on the guitar, banjo, waldzither and concertina. Other Themed Programs include - Colonial and Civil War Era;  Irish & Celtic Music; 1960’s Folk Music;  Johnny Cash Tribute; Nautical/Sea Chantey/Pirate;  Patriotic & Veteran’s Songs;  Seasonal Holiday programs. Video of performances available at http://www.boblusk.net/id12.html.

Bright Star Touring Theatre


Phone: 336-558-7360

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: 45 minutes - $495 for the first show, $250 for each additional show on the same dame. Branches can share the cost.

Regions: All regions

Bright Star provides year-round programming for young audiences. Covering a range of topics from summer reading to Black HIstory, Women's History and more! Each tour brings 1 van, 2 actors, 3 shows!

Bucky & GiGi
of Cirque du Jour LLC


Phone: 914-299-6629

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $350.00 base fee discounts applied toward multiple bookings. 40 min. show with a meet and greet after performance.

Regions: All regions

Bucky & GiGi have been entertaining children and their families since …well…almost before the air guitar was even invented. In 2018 Bucky & GiGi of Cirque du Jour present "Cruisin' Into Comedy" for the Summer Reading Program. This hilarious duo spent over spent over a decade perfecting their craft with The Greatest Show On Earth. Their unique style combines circus skills, physical comedy, dance, mime, juggling, magic and more for children of all ages. You’ll even see the world’s smallest harmonica played by GiGi! And families will be thrilled to see their performing canine; Zeus! He’s back in action with a musical piece that will delight both young and young at heart!

 Bug Songs


Phone: 814-431-1976

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: 45 min - 60 min $350 plus expenses if more than 50 miles travel (negotiable)

Regions: All

I teach children about insects and arachnids with all original live music. We also do a dance called the "Grasshopper Hop"! Book Bug Songs today and discover what I have hidden in my box of bugs! 



Chalk Twins

Phone: 321-689-8955

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Performance lengths are determined by the size and complexity of the piece created. For live performance chalk art sizes can start at 4'x4' and can be as large as 8'x12'. A half day performance (4-6 hours) is $300 plus travel. Full day and multi-day performances are $600 per day plus travel. The finished piece of art belongs to you, the library. You can sell it, auction it, donate it or frame it and mount it. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to potentially get FREE entertainment!

Regions: The Chalk Twins are based in Orlando, but have performed throughout Florida - from Miami to Tallahassee.

An extraordinary pair of artists, the Chalk Twins are renowned for creating chalk murals of epic proportions. Working on a custom-built stage, the Chalk Twins bring art to life right at your feet.

Comedy Maks

Phone: 407-259-6207

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Shows 30 to 45 minutes available. Price $300 to $400 hundred depending on location and show length.

Regions: All Florida

Interactive family friendly show with elements of magic, juggling, physical comedy.


Crain Entertainment

Phone: 321-804-4018

Email: [email protected]

Audience: Family Audiences

Cost & Length: Show prices range from $250 to $500, but price can be minimized by more than 1 show in an area. A magical presentation is typically 40 minutes in length, but can be tailored to your particular needs. 

Regions: All of Florida

For over 15 years, Randy Crain owner of Crain Entertainment, has been providing high quality entertainment for schools, corporate events, non-profits, daycares, and private parties. Randy's magic consists of color, music, audience participation, and lots of FUN! He weaves an educational theme into a magic show leaving the kids not just with a great amazing show, but practical application steps to help remember what was seen. 



Dan McGrath

Phone: 954-536-8585

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $350 for one hour Orlando and south of Orlando. $500 for one hour north of Orlando.

Regions: Throughout our wonderful state.

Original fun songs to teach children. Accompanied by paper bag puppets. I also show how to make paper bag puppets so each child has their own.

Darren Yong Magic

Phone: 617-820-6340

Email: [email protected]

Cost: $650 Per Show $500-$600 Block Booking/multiple shows in day or week

Regions: All parts of Florida. Block booking is preferred, since I travel from Boston, MA. 

Darren's magic show is an interactive program with lots of audience participation, with laugh out loud moments and pure amazement. He will definitely be the talk of your events.

Denny Diamond

Phone: 407-906-8568

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $500 for up to 90 minutes

Regions: Florida

Denny is best known for his tribute to the music of Neil Diamond. Denny can perform a Neil Diamond tribute or a show with a variety of music including artists like Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Jim Croce, Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash.


Didgeridoo Down Under

Phone: 813-961-4656

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: A program (show, workshop or concert) is an hour. Prices are determined by several factors. We offer block-booking discounts. Contact Darren for more details.

Regions: We perform in every region of Florida.

Didgeridoo Down Under is a national touring act based in Tampa. Since 2004, DDU performers have presented 6,000+ shows (for kids & families), workshops (for tweens & teens) and concerts (for adults). The DDU show is a unique fusion of Australian music, culture, puppetry, comedy, character building, storytelling and audience participation. We also offer how-to-play didgeridoo workshops and didgeridoo / world music concerts.
Visit www.didgedownunder.com for more info!

DoDad's Lab

Phone: 888-993-6323

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $350.00, with discount for multiple shows

Regions: All regions

DoDad’s Lab is a live, interactive program that combines colorful props, wacky science experiments, comedy, puppetry, reading and science education.

Dog Show
Menestrelli Entertainment, LLC

Phone: 407-493-3607

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: The show is 30-45 minutes. Price is $275-$350, plus travel expenses if distance is more than 50 miles from Orlando, FL 32820.

Regions: All Central Florida

This is a special Circus Dog Show with funny and very entertaining dogs. These dogs know how to climb stairs, perform somersaults, and other uniquely designed family tricks.









History of the 1950's and 60's
through Popular Song

Phone: 914-232-5548

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $400. 1 1/2 hours

Regions: All

A member of the NY Blues Hall of Fame, I'll take you on a tour of the 50's & 60's. You’ll sing the history and enjoy a great slide show. I'll also perform my hit , 'Happy' by the ‘Blades of Grass’.



Insane Science Guy

Phone: 989-330-3156

Email: [email protected]

Cost: $350 per show but as I am based in North Carolina I only do block booking for shows this far from my home base. 5 or more shows on the same day or consecutive days for block booking also gets you $50 off per show!

Regions: All over as long as enough shows are booked.

The Insane Science of Fairyland Come to a land where pumpkins are prisons, wolves sneeze down houses, dragons are ice cold and SCIENCE tells the rest of the story! 



Jane Rosenbohm
Guitar Extraordinaire®

Phone: 804-300-6004

Email: [email protected]

Cost: $350 per hour concert. Travel negotiable.

Regions: All regions

You will laugh, cry, and rock along with this low volume virtuoso program. From Bach, Beethoven to the Beatles. This program is the real deal without pre-recorded tracks or electronic gadgets.



Katie Adams'
Make Believe Theater

Phone: 813-282-4993

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Shows are 45 minutes long. My prices remain the same: $250.00 to $300.00 plus expenses depending on distance traveled. Group discount rates available.

Regions: I am from Tampa and travel to all regions of Florida. Touring summer ’18 with musicals: Cinderella, an Old-Time Florida Fairytale and American Tall Tales and Songs.

Theatrical puppet shows and storytelling shows bring children’s literature, folk tales and fairytales to life. Seasonal offering: Haunted House Tales shadow puppets, and Velveteen Rabbit puppet show.



Look Up to the Stars

Phone: 631-921-9716

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $450 all-inclusive with great block scheduling discounts. For special circumstances call to inquire. Programs are typically 90 minutes in duration.

Regions: Every region statewide!

Astronomy for Everyone: Size & Scale of the Universe is one of 18 programs, about the universe from the very small to the very large, a virtual journey throughout the cosmos. Telescope views follow.



Magic and Mayhem Show

Phone: 407-222-4412

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $350. Discounts available for multiple bookings on same day within the same system. Travel may be added for locations 100 miles beyond Walt Disney World 40 - 45 minutes (does not include set-up, post show "bunny meet and greet", or strike time. We typically arrive 1 hour before performance for set-up and may require up to 45 minutes for strike time following show).

Regions: All

Magic and Mayhem should be on your schedule. The math is simple: Magic + Mayhem = ENGAGMENT!

Mashed Potato Players
Children's Theatre

Phone: 772-777-1382

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Play performances last 45-50 minutes and we ask $300-450 for a single show depending upon the venue with discounts for multiple shows in one day.

Regions: Up and down the East Coast and throughout Central, West Coast, and South Florida.

This Summer in "Space Rockers" audiences are crew members on the Space Shuttle Potato with Capt Quaisar & Mr Zenith blasting off on a funny mission into outer space & learn books are fun for everyone.

Matthew Sabatella's
Ballad of America

Phone: 305-753-1850

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $250 - up to 60 minutes

Regions: All

"American Heritage Music: From Plymouth Rock to Rock and Roll" tells the story of music from Colonial America through the birth of rock and roll. Perfect for Libraries Rock!





Orisirisi African Folklore

Phone: 407-697-1336

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $350-$1500 (Cost relative to factors such as distance traveled, the need for accommodations, block booking discounts, special events, etc.)

Regions: We are available to perform in all regions of Florida

Orisirisi African Folklore is an African adventure rooted in the history, culture, and traditions of Africa, inclusive of folktales, legends, and myths, spirited drumming, dance, and song.

Out of My Hands
Juggling & Illusions

Phone: 239-560-1671

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Shows are approximately 55 minutes. Rates range from $275-$375 depending upon travel and number of shows booked in an area. Out of My Hands offers block-booking discounts. With the booking of a show, you can add a juggling workshop at a discounted rate. Please inquire about details.

Regions: Out of My Hands performs throughout Florida.

Blending choreographed juggling with illusions, Out of My Hands delivers a high-energy, interactive, and motivational show. Light effects juggling will amaze all audiences.



Positive RePercussions

Phone: 941-677-3786

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Prices vary. Length: 45 Minutes to 1 Hour

Family Fun! Kids drum together, getting in rhythm, singing songs, and enjoying the process of being creative in the moment! No experience necessary. Drums are provided.



Quite a Catch

Phone: 770-584-0571

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $300 for Summer Reading Program, Teen Workshop can be added afterwards for $100 more. Reasonable Mileage fee added, as I am based near Atlanta, GA. Block Booking Available!

Regions: As far south as Orlando, will travel to anywhere in the State if you want to block book!

Comic/Educational & Musical Juggler with 7,000 shows! Taught Circus Workshops for 15 years with Cirque du Soleil’s Outreach Program for “At Risk” Youth. 13 years in Atlanta Children’s Hospitals.



Reactory Factory

Phone: 877-248-7647

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: $360 for 45 minute (summer) program

Regions: Central, South, East, and West coast

“Reactory Factory Rocks –The Sound of Science” is the newest library show made just for kids. DJ Dan and Dr. Reacto rock the library with music and science as they get kids moving & excited to learn!

Ross Tarr
The Storyteller of Old Tampa Bay

Phone: 727-418-5578

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Programs are 45-60 minutes, The, "My Life As Santa in Malls and Homes," program fee: $250 plus travel expense. Other program fees vary depending on the region and number of block bookings on an individual basis

Regions: Central West (Tampa Bay), Central (Orlando), Southwest (Sarasota/Ft. Myers), other areas by arrangements.

Traditional storyteller and group impromptu story facilitator. Family-friendly folktales, myths, personal stories, and Florida history. Special programs: group story creation, and Life as Santa.



Sandi Sylver: Storyteller-Ventriloquist-Songstress


Phone: 630-896-8242

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Programs are 45 minutes, but can go to 60 minutes, if requested, at no additional cost. Fees vary, depending upon the region and number of block bookings, and are discussed on an individual basis.

Regions: I am located in the Tampa Bay area. and perform throughout the state.

All puppets are of the fabric, soft-face variety, and "their" stories are primarily interactive, educational, and uproariously funny!


Phone: 908-334-2525

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Single Show (45 minutes): $365 Two Libraries (same day): $335 each Three Libraries (same day): $320 each

Regions: 125 miles from Orlando or Miami

With the help of audience volunteers, we conduct science experiments to bring an exciting story to life! For Summer 2018, we are presenting: "Wild West: The Mystery of the Golden Piano"

The Storytelling Sims:
Humorists, Historians, Tandem Tellers

Phone: 904-823-7969

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: 45-minutes to 2 hours depending on program.Reasonable fees vary according to program length and mileage. Wayne & Jane Sims are well received by adult and senior adult groups

Regions: All

Special programs include: “All’s Fair in Love & War”; "Holding Down the Homefront: Shortages, Submarines, Saboteurs, War Bonds”; “Ancient City Tourism: 1870–1940; “St. Augustine’s Scoundrels”; “When Florida Was The Wild West.”




Tampa Taiko
Traditional Japanese Drums

Phone: 727-531-7999

Email: [email protected]

Audience: All Ages

Cost: All-inclusive fee: $350, with discounts for multiple bookings

Regions: Our big drums have traveled to ALL parts of Florida.

After a fun-filled performance that covers the history of taiko and the music of Japan, all attendees are offered the opportunity to play on our big drums!













Zoo Mom Science, LLC

Phone: 407-339-4561

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour of presentation time including time for questions from the audience.

Regions: Central Florida

Our entertaining staff includes an alligator, lizards, tree frogs, creepy bugs, and slithering snakes. (We also bring along knowledgeable humans!) Everyone gets a chance to connect to nature.



3rd Wheel dot Org

Phone: 407-446-4963

Email: [email protected]

Cost & Length: Length can vary from 30 minutes to full day long experiences. Prices are $40 and up. Generally speaking, $75 per hour and up. Setup, equipment needed, etc are taken into account for bookings. We are a very versatile drum, music, movement, and storytelling organization so there is some flexibility.

Regions: Central Florida and up to 300 miles with possible travel expenses included.

Drum With Me Baby, Drum Circle Instrument Petting Zoo, Drumming Clubs and Classes, Drum and Dance Exercise, Interactive Musical Storytelling, Music and Movement, Intro to Garageband and Loop Stations!