2017 Days in the District

The Florida Library Association is launching an education initiative called Days in the District. Its purpose is to raise awareness with legislators, and other elected officials, all the valuable services libraries contribute to every Florida community. While many elected officials truly have a warm place in their heart for libraries, they are likely aware of only a very small portion of what you and your staff do every day.  

While it is important to communicate with your State Senator or Representative during Session, it is even more important to build a strong relationship with them while they are at home in their districts. That is the time when they can hear from constituents how their decisions about funding, work load, and other issues impact libraries and their patrons.

To help make sure the voice of libraries is heard, the FLA Advocacy and Legislative Committee is rolling out Days in the District. We are hoping to make this event a regular part of our year-round efforts to showcase Florida’s libraries.  This document, Guide to Days in the District, was assembled to help make the process as easy as possible

Legislative work for the 2018 Session has already begun.  Committees are set, and Bills are being introduced. However, there is still time to make a difference before the 2018 Session begins on January 9th. Your home-district relationships with legislators are an incredibly important part of FLA’s advocacy efforts!

Download Guide to Days in the District for more information on how you and your library can participate! 

Days in the District background information (power point)