Get ready for GivingTuesday on November 28, 2023! Join us in making a difference by supporting the Florida Library Association Scholarships. These graduate-level scholarships support students members of FLA and are the key to a brighter future.

Your generosity can change lives! Every dollar you give goes directly to helping students pursue their dreams, achieve their goals, and make an impact in their communities.

Let's empower the next generation! Donate this Giving Tuesday to pave the way for success. Together, we can build a better tomorrow through education. 

Go to to learn more about our scholarship program and to donate on November 28, 2023!

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2023-2024 President's Message

The drafters of the Declaration of Independence believed in the essential rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Since 1776, our nation has struggled to apply these principles equally across all its residents in order to create that elusive more perfect union. At its core, the freedoms that Americans seek are the same freedoms supported by our libraries. Of these aspects of liberty, three specific freedoms stand out for me.